Thursday, November 26, 2009

This can't be the first time...

My mother tells me that I am good with senior citizens. I like to think that she is right, that I have patience and compassion, and that I am able to give credit to he fact that the mind changes with time. And she's right, because if not, this is what I might have said to the woman on my flight last night:
"is the the first time you've soiled yourself in your life?"
To which she would reply,
"No, it's happened before"
Which would of course would lead me to think,
"Well then you must have a change of pants, and perhaps a Depends you could put on?"
But alas, no.

Ladies and gentleman, if you've ever had this problem in the past, or your sending someone one a plane that has had this issue... Please, please, please be prepared. Depends are a fabulous invention, and after my flight, I will be writing to them with a new marketing idea: Airport Vend-Depend. Get yours today!