Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How embarassing for you :(

All-nighters make me sad, they make me physically ill, and if at all possible I won't fly them.
However, as the story goes, I often have no choice in what I fly, which recently placed me on a flight from 1am to 7am.
Now, to be positive, these flights are a piece of cake when all goes as planned. Everyone sleeps on them, so there's hardly any work to be done! That is, if you can snap your fingers and force yourself to nap during the day so that you are capable of staying awake during those god forsaken hours, in which you are not allowed, by any means, to sleep at all... and if you don't react like my body does to lack of sleep and spew in the lav.
Mostly though, what we truly hope for above all else on these flights, is a healthy cabin with no medical emergencies. You see, with the night comes dehydration, disorientation and dizziness. While efforts to keep people happy and healthy are of course our number one priority, often somebody feels the need to *BING BING*
"My husband is having trouble breathing"
Not a problem yet really, we supply oxygen to the patient, page for a doctor, and monitor for the remainder of the flight. Medical personnel will meet the flight and make sure the person is ok, and more often than not, that's as exciting as it gets.
Now you may refer to my title and think "nobody should be embarrassed to ask for help, how dare she make one feel ashamed to ask for help, isn't that what you want passengers to do before is gets serious?" YES! Please ask for help before it escalates my friends!
My aforementioned embarrassment is not for this poor dear! It is for this one:
While tending to this passenger, we received another *BING*
Responding to this call light, my friend and coworker came upon a woman who seemed fairly concerned (how nice) and her reaction was this...

"What's going on? Should we be worried?"
"Everything is under control mam, just an elderly man feeling ill"
"Ill? Do I need a mask?"

And here is where we encounter embarrassment.
Well... she didn't appear to be embarrassed, but that's ok, because we were all embarrassed enough for her.
So for the future, if while flying you become aware that there is a medical situation on board that is being tended to, please think about somebody other than yourself before *BING*

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