Friday, August 28, 2009

Pillows, Blankets, and Finger Pointing

Do you know what you get from a flight attendant when you shake your finger in her face and demand things AT THIS MOMENT!....??? Nothing, you get nothing...
You see, we are there on the plane to make sure you have a safe and pleasant journey, and we would be happy to help you stow luggage, find the handle to the restroom, and make sure you are properly hydrated (along with saving your butt in an emergency). But the minute you start demanding things from us like we owe it to you, all courteous offers seem to slip the mind :) As confirmed by my fellow flight attendant on yesterdays flight, entitlement is not a quality we respect!
So dear little lady with the medical reason that REQUIRES a pillow or blanket... be glad you shook your finger at me, because I didn't let you have the choice words flying through my head. We resolved this problem together by making use of the plush fake fur coat you had previously told another passenger (who replied "if you say pretty please") to cram into the overhead bin.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard TEAMWORK AIRLINES, where when you work together to solve simple problems, we don't throw you off the plane ;)
PS... the CDC recommended all pillows and blankets that are reused throughout the day without washing be removed... eeeeeeeeeewwwww gross, germs.

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