Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, Monday

Welcome to my first post!
The title of my Blog... for those who don't know... refers to the benefits of my job :)
You see, when one decides to be a flight attendant, they aren't really hoping for red-eye flights and 3am wake-up calls.... they want those free flights! And, if you marry a flight attendant, or become a domestic partner, you fly for free too! So that's what my dad has always said I should write on a shirt and wear around "Marry Me, Fly for Free."
It's Monday morning, the beginning of my work week, and I'm sitting at home on call. It's difficult to explain all the details of my schedule, but the short of it is this: I am a reserve flight attendant. We are assigned our trips on a two-hour minimun call out basis, show up to the airport packed for out assigned trip, and pack a little more on top of that for the possibility of changed, or extended flying. We bid to fly either AM or PM, in the hopes that we can have some sort of sleep schedule. Today I sit on call for 24 hours, and since I've been up since 7am, i'm hoping to not have to fly tonight and struggle to stay awake. I can't go far from home in case I need to throw on my uniform and head out the door... so check back to see what this week holds for me!

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  1. M - so excited to follow this blog. Proud of ya girl. cheers/ Dre