Thursday, August 13, 2009

To the traveling mom...

Dear mother of 3 traveling on my flight today... thank you!

You had snacks, movies, puzzles and patience :) Although perhaps common sense to you dear mom... many need your advice! Please, please, please ladies and gentelmen, understand that we no longer have food, playing cards, or other means of entertainment for your children (which you should no if you have flown in the last century). And yes, they will get hungry, and bored, even on a 90 minute flight. So do like this savvy mother of 3 and head on down to the dollar store, spend $10 on some puzzles and games that will be new and exciting to your darlings, and in turn, they will appear darling to us.

Dear woman traveling alone and headed to a VERY important meeting... Yes, I am sorry that the flight was delayed you you will now miss said meeting... but no, I cannot refund your $200 right now, and no, I do not have the name of the specific agent that will be working the counter when we arrive that can then refund your $200. I can however give you turn by turn directions from our arrival gate to the service center, where a uniformed (and smiling) agent will address this isssue. Until then, you are stuck in this tube with me, and I with you... so let me just say that a 5 year old saved us both today. You see, I don't like to be yelled at, or commanded, or talked down to, just as I'm sure you don't, but today when I recieved this treatment from you, I drew upon the positive energy given to me by a 5 year old.

So again to the mother of 3... thank you! Today you allowed me to be kind when one was not kind to me. Your son gave me a gift today, he gave me the 3D cricket he made on the plane because I told him green was my favorite color, and he gave me a smile for the rest of the day.

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